Break out in a nervous sweat any time you try to bring up new ideas or preferences in bed?Try These Tips To Talk About Sex With Your Partner

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Do your research.

Giving your partner a few solid ideas for how to ramp up the romance will be much more effective than just saying “The thrill is gone,” says Dr. Berman, who suggests you give two or three examples of what you’d like to try in the bedroom.

“You could even bring a book about technique, or mention that during your recent trip to the intimacy aisle you found some new products that could heat things up,” she says.

When in doubt, write it down.

If you’re still worried about tripping over your words when you initiate this conversation, consider writing down your feelings and suggestions in a loving letter to your partner. “Writing it down can be an excellent precursor for a larger conversation, especially if talking about some of these things really makes you cringe,” says Dr. Berman. “ Ask your partner to read your letter and then set up a time to sit down and discuss it.”

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