Falling In Love Is Different The Second Time, And That’s The Beauty Of It

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It will be emotionally jarring to realize you’re falling in love with someone completely different from the person who made you experience love the first time, and you will be rattled by this. Discovering you have the power and ability to love multiple people with very different personalities, likes and interests can leave you feeling disoriented.

Realizing your current boyfriend actually enjoys watching Disney movies with you is confusing and exciting. You thought your love interests weren’t supposed to enjoy this because of the mold you’re so used to from your first love. Now that you’ve felt heartbreak and damage, you’re ready to experience a raw, imperfect love and embrace it for its imperfections.

Your ex hated dancing, and now you can’t pull your current boyfriend off of the dance floor. You and your ex would not-so-romantically stuff each other’s faces for hours on end, but your current boyfriend is a health guru. Your ex was very emotional, and your current boyfriend has a hard time expressing his feelings.

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