How to Have a Perfectly Platonic Relationship

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Platonic relationships aren’t easy to hold on to. Use these tips to find the cause of your distractions and have a good platonic relationship.

Platonic relationships can be pretty confusing.

It takes effort and willpower to stop yourselves from getting on top of each other.

And even when you get past that first stage of sexual urges and surges, there’s the worry of your own lovers who don’t understand the relationship you share with your best friend.

Ever been there?

All said and done, no matter what the odds are, a happy platonic relationship can be fulfilling and fun, and can create a perfect friendship that can stand the test of time.

But that’s a big IF, because you have several hurdles to cross before you get to the part where both of you can be comfortable in each other’s company without letting sex get in the way.

Can opposite sexes ever be friends?

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