How to Initiate Sex: 16 Seductive Moves to Take the Lead in Bed

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Knowing how to initiate sex is important for the nights you feel frisky, but your partner is parked on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. Time to turn up the heat.

Sometimes you feel frisky or maybe you’re used to your partner always initiating sex. But why not be the one to take the lead this time? If you’re a woman, then this is usually what happens. We tend to rely on the man to make the first move. However, you cannot always wait for them to feel horny, so you need to know how to initiate sex and turn up the heat.

Sometimes you need to take the plunge. And if you’re a man scared to make the first move, well, you have to fix that or else you’ll wait the rest of your life.

How to initiate sex – 16 moves to take the lead like a boss

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