How to Initiate Sex: 16 Seductive Moves to Take the Lead in Bed

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#2 Don’t overthink this. Please, don’t waste your time by overthinking this. Do you want to have sex? Do you want that sex to be with your partner? Okay, great, we have that covered. If yes, then make a move. Don’t overthink if you’re overstepping your boundaries, you’re not.

#3 Don’t be embarrassed. Many people feel ashamed when initiating sex. Why? Someone has to do it, so why not let that person be you? Don’t be ashamed to initiate sex with your partner. You have needs and you want them fulfilled, your partner cannot read your mind.

#4 Be demanding. While initiating sex, tell them what you want. You can be demanding, I mean, why not. Plus, it turns them on when you tell them what to do. So, say to them clearly what you want them to do to you and what you want to do to them. Boom! Instant horniness.

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